The Clean Power Plan is Dead! Or is it?

Posted April 14, 2017

The US Chamber of Commerce recently posted an update on their blog about what’s happening with the Clean Power Plan:

There certainly has been a plethora of dramatic reporting on last week’s “Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth” executive order signed by President Trump. Some view it as the rebirth of America’s coal industry, others say it will have little effect, and still others are lamenting the end of the planet.

In reality, while Section 4 of that Executive Order specifically directs the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to “take all steps necessary” to review the now infamous Clean Power Plan (CPP), the Executive Order itself does not act to change the overreaching, generation-shifting contents of the CPP. That is precisely why activist groups are not anticipated to dedicate one of their many lawsuits to opposing the Executive Order itself. Instead, the Executive Order essentially signals that the CPP is now akin to a boat, sitting in the middle of a harbor, with no engine to guide it to port. It is now up to a recentered EPA, led by former Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt, to bring the boat into safe harbor.

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