New Report Says Over 45,000 Manufacturing Jobs in the Upper Midwest Could Be at Risk Due to EPA Rules Regulating Carbon Emissions

Posted February 24, 2015

The Heritage Foundation released a new report that “examined the economic impact of climate change–related regulations at the national level and found devastating job losses over the course of the next two decades.”

The study found that the new EPA rules will have a significant impact on the economy. Some of these impacts include;

ChangeofManuJobsDr. Kevin Dayaratna, PhD noted, “…these damages will clearly impact manufacturing jobs all across the country. Most notably, states with manufacturing-intensive economies will suffer a great deal as a result of this policy. As a result, policymakers should avoid imposing these destructive policies on such an integral component of the American economy.”

So what does that mean for the Upper Midwest?

Potential job losses:

A full list of the state impacts can be read here.

The Coalition for a Secure Energy Future will continue to advocate for a balanced energy portfolio that retains coal as a regional energy source that will help keep electric rates low, jobs plentiful, and the economy robust.

Contact your Congressman and tell them you support an ‘all-of-the-above’ energy policy.