Voters Recognize Coal Should Be the Future in North Dakota Energy Production

Posted January 12, 2017

Many residents of North Dakota know a few things to be true when it comes to energy and the environment: We are a leader in the production of coal, our electricity rates are some of the lowest in the nation, and we are one of only seven states that meet all federal air quality standards. These facts should make us proud of the great strides we’ve made in energy production here, particularly when it comes to coal.

A new poll out from the Lignite Energy Council & The Coalition for a Secure Energy Future confirms what we’ve been saying for years–that coal keeps our electricity reliable and affordable, provides high-quality jobs in our communities, and makes our state’s economy one of the strongest in the nation.

The new poll surveyed 400 likely voters across the state, from Fargo to Minot, and found overwhelming support for the coal industry and the use of coal as a source of energy. In fact, 75 percent of those surveyed favor coal as the energy source for our state, and a full 83 percent of likely voters agree coal is vitally important to our region’s power supply. Businesses and consumers also realize the importance of coal in keeping our power costs low; of those surveyed, a majority believe coal produces electricity at a lower cost than any other power source.

More importantly, voters know an investment in coal-based energy and clean coal technology is an investment in our future. A full 78 percent of those surveyed favor research and development efforts to build a new zero-emissions power plant through a partnership between the U.S. Department of Energy, the State of North Dakota and the coal industry. Backing for this project spans the aisle, with both Republicans and Democrats stating their support.

This is the type of partnership between industry and the state that has helped North Dakota become an energy leader, and it is an approach the Lignite Energy Council and the Coalition for a Secure Energy Future fully supports. In order to keep our electricity costs low, our energy reliable and our air clean, we need more research of clean coal technology. It’s nice to see the voters agree.

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