How this Wisconsin town got electricity nine years before the White House

Posted November 29, 2017

Brad Smith of Microsoft Corporation recently posted a blog on how innovators in Wisconsin were able to electrify a region 9 years before the White House:

As the sun sank in the late-autumn sky in 1882, a steady stream of water flowed from the placid confines of Lake Winnebago down a well-worn path through the Wisconsin countryside. Rushing past sprawling farms, lonely stands of timber, and the waiting traps of fur traders, the Fox River plunged towards the town of Neenah and onward to Menasha. As the river made its way into the town of Appleton, gravity towed the water into the blades of the wooden waterwheel of the Vulcan Street Plant and the current struck the turbine, spun it to life, rotated a metal shaft connected to two Edison “K” dynamo generators and sparked “the miracle of the age”: electricity.

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